2035 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions have been adopted by the management of the Sunny Atlantic Beach Club. The observance of these terms and conditions confirms our Mission Statement and they are designed to insure the safety and enjoyment of the Club to every Member and Guest.

1. Membership passes are NOT transferable (unless marked) and are subjected to repossession if misused.
2. Membership cards MUST be presented at designated entrances for admission to the Club or at management’s request.

1. Guest day is Wednesday. Each Adult Member will be permitted 2 “Free” Guests counting children. Additional Guests will be charged regular guest fees.
2. Junior and Teen Memberships are NOT eligible for “Free” guest privileges.
3. Guests will be permitted ONLY when their host Member is present, and telephone arrangements CAN NOT be made
4. Members wilt be held responsible for the conduct of and expense incurred by their Guests
5. Management reserves the right to restrict, withdraw or limit access to and use of this facility to any guest.

1. Only cars with appropriate valet pass will be parked.
2. Club attendants will park and retrieve cars only at Members request.
3. Parking of Guests’ cars is subject to the discretion of Management and payment of established guest parking fees

Safety and Health Regulations
1. The Management or the Lifeguard on duty may impose safety restrictions as to bathing risks and all rulings in this respect MUST be observed.
2. All activities are at Members’ and Guests’ own risk.
3. Infants are required to wear tight fitting rubber pants over diapers and MUST be accompanied by an adult Member or Guest.
4. Swimming or bathing by Members or Guests is permitted only when Lifeguard is on duty.
5. Eating is permitted only in designated areas. Members are obligated to clean up after themselves and their Guests. Refuse must be deposited in marked receptacles.
6. Management or Lifeguard reserves the right to close and or clear the Club in inclement weather.

1. No conduct annoying or disturbing to the Management or other Members of the Club shall be permitted
2. Management shall have the right to suspend or expel any Member or Guest which, in its opinion, is not in the best interest of the Club
3. The Management reserves the right to change, add to, suspend, or withdraw any or all of these Rules and Regulations at any time and without any prior notice.
4. All personal belongings MUST be removed by September 15th or they will be discarded.
5. Pipe and cigar smoking is prohibited.

In consideration of the acceptance of the application for membership to the Sunny Atlantic Beach Club and as a condition to the use by the undersigned of the facilities and services of the Beach Club, the undersigned for him/herself and all those who will share the unit does hereby represent and warrant, acknowledge and agree as follows:

(i) The undersigned shalt use the Beach Club’s facilities and services at his/her own risk
(ii) Sunny Atlantic Partners LLC and SABC Co. Inc. (collectively “Owner”) and each of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, agents and employees shall not be liable for any damages for loss or theft of or damage to automobile or other personal property of, or for personal injuries to or wrongful death sustained by the Member, the Member’s family, Guests or invitees by reason of the use of property or facilities in on or about the Beach Club. The undersigned does hereby release and discharge Owner and their respective affiliates, agents and employees from any and all claims, demands or actions arising out of the use or intended use of the Beach Club, its facilities and services, including any and all claims for property damage, personal injuries or wrongful death resulting from or arising out of the negligence of the Owner and each of their respective affiliates, agents and employees.
(iii) The undersigned hereby indemnifies and holds harmless the Owners from and against any and all liabilities, suits, claims, demands and damages, including attorney fees arising from any such loss or damage.

Except as prohibited by law, the undersigned expressly waives trial by jury in any litigation arising out of, or connected with, or relating to, or the relationship created hereby.